3D Character Animator

Welcome to my website, my name is Greg Woodcock and I am an animator who aspires to become a lead animator one day for an influential film, advertising or games company. The most rewarding factor for me would be to see my work on the 'big screen' so to speak and one day please an audience.


During my Bachelors degree at Swansea Metropolitan University I spent a lot of my time understanding how to use Autodesk Maya and how to deal with computer technology becoming a 3D generalist. Today I am now competent in a number of software programs and use many of them at home to create new animations. After my degree at Swansea I was eager to find further education specifically focused on animation. I enrolled on a three month intense animation course at Escape Studios in London and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and education I received. After completing the course at Escape Studios I felt pleased to finally call myself an animator.

I am currently working as an animator in Manchester at Cubic Motion and have had a great opportunity to become a vital part of their animation team in the making of new console games.